LeBron XIV(14) gray black
LeBron XIV(14) gray black

Price:$ 98.06




I don’t know the fans of nike James 14 when I first started to touch the shoes, but the appearance of the shoes can feel its power. Here is a comprehensive analysis of the Nike James 14 elite, so that fans who have not touched can get close contact with this pair. Powerful boots, so that fans who like it can wear it to sway their skills in the game.
Many fans at the beginning of seeing Nike James 14th generation, will sigh a true conscience, in addition to a strong flying line, integrated upper shape, and a very full carbon board, when I saw it, I really felt it was With such a large carbon plate, spending money is already very valuable, and there is a very thick filling. Overall, in terms of the fit between the soles and the feet, the nike basketball shoes lbj14 is not the ultimate, but it is already at the top level. In this way, everyone can feel full of security when wearing, and can easily make various basketball moves. Of course, as a strong player's boots, overall, the shoe type is relatively wide, so some small fans may feel a little big, but there is no problem in the strong wrapping of the shoes.
Especially in the game, it is inevitable that there will be someone stepping on others, but the nike actual basketball shoes 14 will have a very good performance in actual combat, and when everyone's ankles, there will be a very obvious pull back strength. This is the embodiment of the powerful quality of the boots. This can be fully reflected in ZOOM, nike james14 several powerful ZOOM, so that everyone can not worry about all kinds of venues. Overall, the nike basketball shoes james14 is the best in terms of protection, stability and shock absorption. I believe that for those players who are not pursuing speed, it is the best choice, and there is no need to hesitate.
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